Recently Taught Courses

    EC 441: Monetary Economics 



    EC 112: Principles of Macroeconomics 


    EC 225: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory 


Empirical Paper Assignment

    EC 425: Quantitative Methods in Economics 


    ECON S-110: Quantitative Methods in Economics (Harvard University)


Teaching Awards

2018 Innovation in Teaching Award - Bentley University

     -Awarded by Bentley University for enhancement in student learning

2014-15 Graduate Teaching Fellow Outstanding Teaching Award - Economics Department

     -Awarded by the University of Oregon Economics Department for excellence in           




Student Comments

"Sacha is so energetic and excited to teach us this material which makes it fun to learn. He truly cares about his students and their learning. He listened to students suggestions and made adjustments to his lectures just so we could learn better. Amazing teaching style."

"Lots of energy. He really got excited about his topic which made it a little easier to get interested in. Was a great teacher during office hours found ways to explain things differently."

"Very pleased of the availability and dedication to student success in the course. To me it is comforting knowing the the instructor cares about your grade almost as much as you do."

"Fastest 2 hour class I've taken just because he used the time very effectively." 

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